Young Kenyan Boy In Love with Rose Muhando?

    Rose Muhando in love with young Kenyan boy
    Rose Muhando in love with young Kenyan boy?

    There comes a time when love is confused with curiosity to meet someone, meet a Kenyan young boy and a student who wants to meet the most celebrated gospel artist in Tanzania, Rose Muhando before his sun sets.

    Patrick confessed that his dream started when he was a kid the time that he came to know his favorite artist Rose Muhando through media and he says he would like to meet her as soon as possible.

    His dream seemed to come true when Rose declared that she may migrate to Nairobi because of the oppression she undergoes in her Country.

    When was interviewed by KenyaBreakingNews, he said:

    “The time I heard that Rose might move to Nairobi the capital city of our Country where freedom is what we enjoy in our daily life I was so happy and am still waiting for her.”

    He is also dreaming to work with Rose in his career but not necessarily in the singing but in the production department, produce a song for her one day.

    “One of my dreams is to work in her studio as a producer because that is my career.” He has tried several ways to get her number using some musician who has done a music together in the country like Steven Kasolo who comes from his tribe but all in vain.

    “I was also dreaming to host the two musicians in our Christian Union at Taita Taveta University which is located almost Taveta Town but near Voi town, and we still need you. I can’t wait to meet you, Rose!!”

    Patrick, the young Kenyan boy deeply in love with Rose Muhando
    Patrick, the young Kenyan boy deeply in love with Rose Muhando?




    1. This is amazing then.I need to experience this happen in really life situation.wish you well then in that friendship


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