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Willy Paul Badly Insults A Fan Who Criticized His New Darling Samantha J

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Willy Paul is a man who is never shy of controversies. The latest saga involves his newfound darling Samantha J, a Jamaican singer. In the last few days, Willy Paul has been posting several pics of this sexy Samantha J that has left many wondering what is going on.

Willy Paul and Samantha J
Willy Paul and Samantha J

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On Sunday, 14th October, Willy Paul decided to finally make it clear that they are working to release a new love song.

The problem began when one fan @joel_phelix went ahead and criticized Willy Paul for liking all the pics of Samantha J including videos where she was twerking. We bet this is because Willy Paul is a gospel artist and his fans expect him to conduct himself in such a manner worthy of the gospel.

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Willy Paul Insults fan
Fan’s Comment On Willy Paul Post

“Boychild boychild, ndio maAna umelike pics za huyu Samantha zote kwa IG aacount yake hadi video penye anatwerk. Wewe bana unatumislead, nani alitwerk kwa bibilia?”

Apparently, this didn’t sit well with Willy Paul who was quick to respond very harshly,

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Willy Paul insults fan on IG
Willy Paul insults fan on IG

“@joel_phelix baba, I think ni mdomo yako ilitwerk kwa bible..but siko sure.. confirm”

This is generally treated as an insult and coming from a gospel artist, well, that takes it to a completely new level.

Many Willy Paul’s fans recently have been questioning whether he is still true to the faith. He seems to have shifted from the gospel industry and ventured into the secular music with his latest collabos being with secular artists.

Perhaps, this new release with Samantha J will be a huge hit as that he did with another Jamaican star Alaine in the song “I Do”.  The song was a huge success and continues enjoying airplay not only in media but also in weddings where it has become like the current wedding song.Willy Paul and Alaine

Willy Paul and Alaine

We wish Willy Paul the very best in his music career and hope he does well in this new song with Samantha J which will be hitting the airwaves very soon.



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