What Raila Said About William Ruto Today During Azimio Rally In Lodwar, Turkana County(Video)


As christians wait for the second coming of Jesus Christ Millions if Kenya s are also eagerly waiting to see president Uhuru Kenyatta’s successor in the coming poll. As per now presidential race is considered to be a two-horse horse race between Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga and the chief hustler campaigner William Samoei Ruto.

Raila Odinga has experienced a huge support across the country with 25 different political parties Supporting his presidential bid ahead of August. He will be shooting his last shot in the coming polls after losing four consecutive elections.

Today The Former Prime Minister Stormed Lowdar, Turkana county to extend his presidential bid ahead of August 2022 elections. Raila has promise that he will work diligently to the people of Kenya while given a chance to do so. He has promised to offer free education to children from primary up to secondary school, by doing this he will ensure that every Kenyan child receive a quality education.

Before finalizing his speech he never forgot to throw a spanner of work at William Ruto saying that people should not get trapped in his false promises he can’t even fulfil. Raila said that Ruto was in the government for the last 10years and he neglected his duties, working on top of the vehicles instead of offices. Now Raila claim that whatever he is promising now he would have done during the jubilee government

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“Deputy Ruto failed to perform his duties while he was the second in command in the jubilee government, so what is he promising now that he could have not done while in power. Reject him because he is a failure. Ahadi zake ni kama mnnyambo wa punda kaze yake ni Kuiba Tu” Raila’s Powerful Speech in Turkana

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