Uhuru Kenyatta says he’ll reopen economy if COVID-19 infections reduce

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Saturday, April 25, promised to reopen the economy once the number of COVID-19 infections reduces.

This, Uhuru said, will only be possible if Kenyans adhere to the health precautions issued by the government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus eventually flattening the curve.

The head of state was addressing the nation when he said the key for restoring normalcy depended on reduced infections and increased testing

Uhuru called on Kenyans should not wait for security officers and politicians to implement the directives from the government.

“We will support you to the best ways possible but your discipline is key. We all need to be on the frontline,” Said Uhuru.

“If we do that we are protecting ourselves and that will reduce infections and hasten to reopen of the economy,” he added.

The president announced few restaurants and eateries in selected counties will be allowed to undertake minimal operations.

This will happen as long as the eateries show high hygiene standards and allow their staff to be tested thus reduce the risk of further infections

“Any report that reopened establishments’ flout measures will lead to closure and follow up prosecution,” he said.

“We will reopen the economy but not in a way not to endanger the lives of thousands. We do not want to suffer a huge spike of infections by opening it without proper planning,” he added

According to the president, KSh 1.5 billion was allocated to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to manufacture medical equipment as stimulation for the small economy drivers

Uhuru further called on the Ministry of Health and Trade to expedite the roll-out of the initiative through the counties and governors to support the young men and women working in SMEs

“From next week: We shall have billions of shillings added through our own initiatives and development partners to offer direct relief to the economy,” Said Uhuru.

The head of state thanked National Assembly for approving tax merits he decreed noting employees now had more of their income available for expenditure.

“I expect these measures to complement other measures,” he said.

He also thanked active community groups for responding to needs of Kenyans including Sikh Community, Women in Business and others helping alleviate stress for vulnerable groups

“We will not be in this situation forever. I believe in God we will overcome. We need to remain disciplined, patriotic and empathetic at personal levels and we will overcome,” he said.

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