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The Man Who Broke Into The Queen’s Bedroom Without Being Noticed And What He Found The Queen Doing

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One of the most secured places on earth should definitely be the queen’s Buckingham palace.

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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ii is definitely among the most powerful world leaders in the world. Being the head of the entire united kingdom, that definitely makes her to be one of the most protected leaders in the world.

Have you ever thought of the possibility of someone sneaking into the Buckingham palace with all its heavy security to the extent of entering the queen’s Bedroom?

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The sound of the idea sounds unreal but that is exactly what happened. Fagan entered the books of history on the July of 1982 after he found his way into the queen’s Bedroom.

(Photo of Buckingham palace)

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According to police, it was around 7 a.m when Fagan climbed over the fence of the Buckingham palace and used a drain pipe onto the palace roof.

Michael Fagan wandered through the royal Palace. By this time the royal Palace guards that were on the night shift had left. Even after he accidentally triggered the alarms while moving round and about, the police that were around turned them off assuming it was just but some fault in the system.

After moving round and about the palace he finally found his way in her Majesty the Queen’s bedroom. There were some photos that showed that was the queen’s bedroom and she found the queen on her bed asleep.

Michael Fagan became famous for this simple act of being the first non royal to enter the queen’s bedroom in 1982. Years later when he was explaining what happened in an interview, Fagan said the moment he entered the room and the queen noticed a stranger in his bedroom, he quickly reached out for her phone beside the bed to try and alert the security guards but none of it went through.

For his part, Fagan admits that he did not do anything to scare the queen in any way. Reports have suggested that the queen talked to her and they had a conversation for a few minutes. Fagan said the queen was in her night dress that covered her upto the knees. She then told her to wait her minute and that is how the queen ran past her out of the room leaving him in the room. It was after the queen ran out of the room that the palace police realized there was an intruder in the palace.

There are many conspiracy theories however concerning the reason why Fagan went to the queen’s bedroom. At one time he said it was because he was in love with the queen. It was also said that he thought the queen would help him in some way while others said he had a mental disorder.

Fagan was however arrested but not charged with trespass. According to the British laws, what Fagan did was not a crime but just a civil offense. Though several years later he was arrested for a totally different crime.

What do you think about this article, should he have been arrested or was it right for him to be released? Let me hear your views on the comment section below. Also don’t forget to like and also share this article.

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