“Siwezi Kwambia Mambo Yangu Na Rais” Dp Ruto Says he Cannot Reveals Secret Things he Discusses With Uhuru

Deputy President William Ruto was interviewed by Kimeru speaking radio stations in Meru County ahead of his two-day visit in the region. In the interviews, the deputy president was expected to make statements about the various things happening in the country and basically his relationship with the president.

The deputy president was asked whether he has been telling the president about things that have been happening against the will of the people especially how the cabinet secretaries and principal secretaries have been conducting themselves.

The deputy president said that he has got some secrets that he cannot share with a journalist which is his private life with the president. He said that at times he don’t need to disclose everything that he talks with the president and however the journalist should ask him another question. This statement by the deputy president brought a lot of speculations after it has been in public domain that the two have not been seeing eye to eye. Could they be having night meetings?

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