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Sexy Pics: Socialite Risper Faith’s Unbelievable Change Since She Met Super Rich Sponsor

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They say every rich person today has a past and a story to tell and none that exemplifies this aspect better than the Kenyan socialite Risper Faith.

For those who met her when she had already made a name for herself in social media, you will have a hard believing that she once looked like a complete village girl. This is one of those from grass to grace stories.

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Unlike majority of the socialites nowadays who don’t like the idea of getting married as that would limit their ‘market’, Risper has actually settled down with one super-rich guy known as Brian Muiruri and they have a son together.

She doesn’t shy away from flaunting her wealth and talking about her palatial house in Kitsuru that she claims cost a fortune of around 120 million shillings. She even boasts that she pays her nanny a whopping salary of Ksh.80,000.

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She has been very uptight about her upbringing with very little known about her early days but the pics from her campus time will tell you that the curves and pretty face actually pay.

Risper doesn’t fear to talk about her love for money publicly. When asked about why she decided to marry Brian, she didn’t hesitate from pointing out that it was all because of his many millions which are at her disposal anytime she needs some money.

“Frankly speaking, at first I was attracted to the money and all that lifestyle thing. Every girl likes that.

But with time I got to learn his character and saw him from a different perspective.

Brian is a great man who besides the money takes care of me,” she said

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Brian must have really been a special man if he convinced her to completely leave her twerking and socialite business.

“I still hold gigs in clubs but not at much as I used to do. Besides, I don’t shake my a** for any man anymore as much as men insist that I do that for them. This is now in the past,” she reported.

Check out some of her TBT photos below:

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