Reasons Why I Think Uhuru Is Not About To Go Home Anytime Soon


  • “He is too young to retire”

These might not be his words; well, at least that’s what he tells us every time the question comes up in the media. But that’s not very important in this discussion. What really matters is that words are actually being said, either by him or some people close to him, or his followers.

No one is immune to this and particularly in Kenya or the general African politics. If we are to look back at some of his past speeches, the president seemed to hint that he has heard the stories but has opted to ignore them and “follow the constitution’ But will he actually do that? That remains to be seen as the events unfold, leading to the next general elections in the country in 2022.

  • The BBI campaign

There are a lot of grey areas surrounding the BBI debate. But let’s go back to where it all started-or at least where the media made us believe that it started, and that is the famous handshake in Harambee House.

After the very much contested election in 2017, Kenya was about to melt into another round of election chaos as in 2007, but the handshake between opposition leader Raila Odinga and the elected president Uhuru Kenyatta helped to lower the political temperatures. What remains a mystery even to date is what actually convinced Raila Odinga to stop attacking the president and started working together.

All we have been made to believe is that the two agreed to put their differences away for the good of the nation and then came the BBI, which was supposed to be a framework for changing the constitution and avoid such sharp political differences happening in the future. But like I said before, it was a mystery then, and it continues to be a mystery to many Kenyans to date.

What did the two principals agree on before shaking their hands? Just for the sake of the country- well, I am not convinced.

And the way Uhuru has devoted himself in campaigning for the BBI and punishing those that go against it suggests that there is a lot that remains hidden about the whole issue of BBI and my guess is that it might have something that might help Uhuru to remain in power past the end of his current term in 2022.

If that is not the case, why then is Ruto against him supporting the BBI, or at least not in public? I guess we are all about to find out in the next few months, won’t we?

  • The Mt Kenya Factor

When I say Mt Kenya, I am not just referring to the Mt. Kenya counties only but also every other person that feels that ”Uhuru ni mtu wa nyumbani”, he is a son of our soil, our tribal champion. And you will agree with me that this card sells hugely in the Kenyan political arena.

There might be even a professor far away from the country, probably sipping his tea on a cold night in New York, but all he knows is that Uhuru must remain as the president of Kenya simply because we speak the same vernacular language.

If that can be said of a professor, what do you think applies to the Boda Boda rider or the mama kiosk at Kibra? I hear there are some tribal cartels that are willing to do anything to ensure that their tribal kingpin remains in that position for as long as it takes.


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