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New Taxes For Mutura ,Selfies and Street Preaching

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Some of the things you take for granted until all of a sudden you are informed that you have to pay taxes for them. That is the case with the new taxes that have been proposed by counties.


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You will now have to pay tax before taking a photo with your smartphone, selling Mutura or even preaching on the streets. For example in Siaya, all street preachers will have to part with Sh 20,000 before using the lawns that are managed by the county government subject to the approval of the Finance Bill 2018.

For the lunch hours preachers, they will be charged Sh 1,000 per hour and the county has an estimate of around 1,000 preachers that fall under that category. Organizers of charitable events will also be charged hourly. Street hawkers will have to part with Sh 400 every month in order to be allowed to operate in the county.

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In Makueni county, smartphone users will be required to pay a fee of Sh 100 to be allowed to take photos using their phones. The county is known of having many local musicians and they will also have to pay Sh 1,000 per night to be issued with entertainment permit.

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Nairobi county residents will be required to pay for garbage collection. The private parking parks will also have to share their profits with the government. The land rates are also expected to rise higher.


In Nyeri, the county government is proposing an introduction of Sh8,000 license fee to be paid by the ‘butchers’ who sell take away meals including soup and roast meat. If introduced, this will directly impact the ‘Mutura’ business as the cost is also expected to increase.

The residents will also be required to pay inspection fees before slaughtering chicken and rabbit. Churches will be paying Sh 8,000 to be allowed to hold their crusades.

The list goes on and on. The complete list can be obtained from Standard.

It seems the wave of taxes is sweeping all over the world after Uganda introduced crazy taxes on social media like Facebook and Whatsapp. We are just wondering what else we shall be told to pay taxes for.

What do you think about the new taxes? Please leave your comments below and share to inform your friends.



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