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Mejja’s hit Song Pulled Down From YouTube Amidst Claims he Stole It

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Celebrated singer Mejja’s rising momentum seems to have received a little hiccup after his popular ‘Tabia Za Wakenya’ song was pulled down from YouTube.

A spot check on the musician’s channel reveals that the song no longer exists on the streaming channel.

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The banger, which detailed the unique behaviors and mannerism Kenyans, was released three weeks ago and had already garnered 2 million views.

Just a week after its release, an upcoming artist known as Revina, reached out to blogger Alai claiming that producer Vicky Pondis had colluded with Mejja to steal the song.

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“When I asked the producer why he did that to me, he lied,”

said the Mathare’s upcoming star whose real name is Kevin Ochieng.

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The Sijiskii hitmaker was however uick to rubbish those claims terming them as hateful.

“Hate on another level, I am the same person helping new artists. If this is meant to slow me down, I will not stop releasing music till I die. God above everything,”

Mejja wrote.


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