Kenyans Turn Against Gospel Artist Guardian Angel Criticise Him For Begging Them To Do This To Him

Guardian Angel is basically one of the most famous gospel artist who have managed to maintain his personality for being a gospel artist without changing his mind.

He has been in the gospel industry for quite sometime now always producing good and enjoyable gospel songs praising God one after another.

Despite his other fellow gospels musician who backslided claiming that gospel music does not pay as other secular musics he has managed to overcome and maintained being a gospel artist.

On her latest social media update where he took to share a video Kenyans turned against him going as most people jokily attacked him from what he said in the video.

Guardian Angel took to her facebook page and urged his fans to send him kSh 50 for chance to get a short clip of his latest music video.

Tuko News on sharing the news claimed that most kenyans differed with him as they blamed the coronavirus economy.

Content created and supplied by: Queen_Ke (via Opera News )


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