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Esther Musila’s Daughter Speaks of Mum’s Relationship with Guardian Angel

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When gospel singer announced to the world that he and Esther Musila were a thing it came as a shock to many on why such a young and promising celebrity would prefer someone who is almost twice his age. The musician and her fiancée received a lot of criticisms but that did not deter them from being in love.

Since then, Guardian angel and his love have been seen together enjoying life to fullest. Recently the two lovebirds celebrated their anniversary and they took to social media to share some heartfelt messages for each other.

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The 51 years old Esther Musila is believed to having a daughter who is said to be 29 years old. The YouTuber urged Guardian angel to involve them in wedding plans as she longs to be her mother’s maid of honor. She went ahead to with them all the best in their live as they push through as a couple.

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