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Eric Omondi Plot a Plan on Live Camera To Kidnap Nigerian Big Comedian Who Recently Visited Kenya

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King of comedy and entertainment Eric Omondi has now plotted a plan of kidnapping Nigerian comedian who recently landed into the country.

While on live camera, Eric Omondi seemed to have no idea of whom the comedian was. The comedian who goes by the name Shaggy is said to have denied knowing Eric Omondi while he was being interviewed after landing.

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Shaggy, who had been asked about the king of entertainment and comedy in Africa denied not knowing anybody like Eric Omondi.

However, in the viral video, Eric Omondi could be heard asking for the current residence of the Nigerian comedian so that he can send his bouncers to welcome him to Kenya officially.

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In his plan, Eric is planning to use some few police officers to go with him to his house and interrogate him on what he’s doing in the country and if he has the necessary documents. Thereafter they would set him up with cocaine drugs then he be arrested.

Eric was also overheard saying that ‘uyo nitamfinya’ after knowing the exact location of the comedian.

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