Friday, December 4, 2020
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Don’t Miss! New Single By Chemutai Sage is OUT!

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Kenyan singer Chemutai Sage has launched a new single. Titled “What I Am”, the emotional song comes a long time after Sage made her comeback with the  “Watching You” in December last year. Sage has dedicated the new single to everyone who made her.

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“Everyone who stood by me, prayed for me, loved me. It is a thank you. It is an “I love you”. It is an “I will never forget you”. Those who spoke so highly of me even when I was at my lowest. Anyone who believed in me. Everyone who has ever come for a show, bought an album, downloaded a song, done a cover, watched my videos or just said ‘hi’ on the street.

“For everyone who went out of their way to elevate me without asking for anything in return (especially you, Dillie).

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“Most importantly, this one is for my Maa. The one who made me, raised me, loves me, lifts me, believes in me, cheers for me.

Sage has written and composed the song all by herself.

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