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Diana Marua Takes Her Weight Loss Journey To The Next Level

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Diana Marua the wife of Kenyan musician Kelvin Bahati has recently been an activist to having fit body. Ever since she gave birth to her last born son Majesty Bahati, she vowed to work on having a sexy body than even before. It has been a journey of more than two years and she is doing so well in it.

Diana had a target of reducing her weight to about 64kgs and she has had the best progress so far. She started her gym work out when her son Majesty turned one year. At first it was so hard for her to withstand the hardwork that she had to do. 

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Because of her consistency and hardwork, she has been able to bring her body into shape. Some people would say that she looks like she never gave birth because she is back to being a real diva. Diana feels that is not enough as she is still on making her body even better.

She went ahead to having eating routine and avoiding a lot of starch that will make her add more weight. Recently she has even joined the club of slimming tea women and it has responded so well with her. 

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To a point that she can wear swimming suit confidently without having body shaming issues, she has definitely gotten it so well. She has always gotten support from her positive fans as they encourage her to continue moving forward. She still has goals of having a slimmer tummy than now.

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