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Celebrities Who Have Children Together Despite Not In A Relationship

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1. Erick Omondi and Jackie Maribe

Comedian Eric Omondi and former Citizen tv news anchor Jackie Maribe have a son named Zahari. Maribe made this clear when the seven-year-old was graduating from first grade in 2019.

2. Juliani and Brenda Wairimu

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Julius Owino, better known by his stage name Juliani, and Brenda Wairimu, a well-known actress, have a daughter named Amor Owino. For a short time, the two were lovers, but their marriage did not work out for unclear reasons. Wairimu and Juliani, on the other hand, have continued to work together in the upbringing of their child.

3. Yvette Obura and Bahati

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Although they were lovers, they ended their relationship roughly five years ago. However, while creating their daughter’s Instagram page, the couple has kept the subject of having a child together open. Both of them are currently involved in other relationships.

4. King Kaka and Chemutai Sage

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Musicians King Kaka and Chemutai sage have a seven-year-old daughter named Ayanna. The couple has been cooperating in the care of their daughter despite not being in a relationship. Kaka is currently married to Switch TV presenter Nana Owiti. It is alleged that Sage became pregnant with King Kaka at the same time as Ms. Owiti

5. Prof Hammo and Jemutai

This is something that has come to light recently. Comedians Hammo and Jemutai have admitted to having two children together despite not being in an open relationship.

The relationship between the two has been kept secret for a long time until a month ago when Jemutai complained privately that Hammo was not responsible for the upbringing of their two children. The incident sparked a lively online discussion with Hammo ordering DNA tests. The results of the tests confirmed that the children belonged to him.

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